Congo Conference Dec 4th 2019: “Life After life Ends”

Every year, Congo’s Conference takes place and this year it’s already the 12th edition!

The theme of this year is “The Art of Biology”. A theme which will incorporate the biological, biomedical, neurological and even computational aspects of the Life Sciences with art, music and dance.

Some of the best national and even international speakers will be there to talk about a compelling variety of life science related subjects. In time, all speakers will be introduced in this event as well as on our website (congocongres.nl) and Facebook-page (@CONGresCongo).

The conference will take place at Science Park 904 and it will consist of an introduction by our chair at 13.30, talks by our guest speakers, a free dinner, finally closing off with a network reception at approximately 20:00. During the day you are also able to gain hands on experience with the subjects in our experience room and during some interesting workshops!

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