Marine Masters Summer Course

Marine Masters Summer Course

Introductory, multidisciplinary Masters Summer Course in marine research

NIOZ offers an annual Marine Masters Summer Course that gives insight into state-of-the-art marine research. This introductory, multidisciplinary course is hosted at NIOZ Texel, with the western Wadden Sea as hands-on research area. The next edition will take place from 30 June to 12 July 2019 at NIOZ on Texel.

Have you always dreamt of becoming the next Jacques Cousteau? Are you fascinated by the deep oceans, a world more unknown to us as the galaxy? Or do you want to know more about life in and on the mud of the coastal tidal flats? NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research offers an introductory, multidisciplinary oceanography masters’ summer course which gives insight into state-of-the-art marine research in the Netherlands. The course covers physics, chemistry, biology, geology as the pillars of oceanography, and offers practical experience in marine research. It is hosted at NIOZ Texel and uses the western Wadden Sea as hands-on research area.

Learning objectives of the course are to:

  • identify current topics in the marine sciences, ranging from marine biology, physical oceanography and marine chemistry to marine geology;
  • identify and describe methods of sampling and observation commonly used in oceanography, including techniques and instruments used on research vessels;
  • conduct a group-based research project using basic sampling techniques to collect data in the field, perform laboratory analyses, analyse and interpret obtained data and prepare a presentation of the results;
  • present and discuss research results in a multidisciplinary framework.

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