Bio-based Innovation Student Challenge Europe – Register before march 30th 2018

Are you interested in the bio-based economy and do you want to design a creative solution in a multidisciplinary team? Would you like to boost your CV and have a chance to win € 1000? The Bio-based Innovation Student Challenge Europe (BISC-E) encourages you to form a team and explore the emerging bio-based work field while developing a new bio-based product or process. Register before the 30th of march at www.bisc-e.eu.


The BISC-E is a competition in which teams of student throughout Europe design a bio-based innovation, this could be either a product or process. This innovation should be sustainable, economically viable and technically feasible, the best idea has a chance to win € 1000. The challenge is open for teams of university students and final year University of applied sciences (HBO). The challenge is organized by TKI-BBE, www.tki-bbe.nl), a cooperation of several Dutch “top sectors” to promote the transition towards a bio-based economy. For more information and to register visit: www.bisc-e.eu or view this flyer.

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