DutchBrain: National outreach event of the Human Brain Project – 2 March 2018

Dear all,

We are happy to announce the Dutch national outreach event of the Human Brain Project (HBP). Envisioned for the period 2013-2023, HBP is a 1 billion euro Horizon 2020 FET Flagship Project funded by the EU with the goal of advancing neuroscience, medicine and computing. This acceleration will be achieved by a strategic alignment of scientific research programmes in fundamental neuroscience, advanced simulation and multi-scale modelling with the construction of an enabling Research Infrastructure.

If you want to know more about

  • the current status and vision for the upcoming years;
  • the present representation of the Netherlands in HBP;
  • the relevance for your own research and possibilities to join

and if you want to be included in discussing

  • future goals to set for HBP and
  • what the Netherlands (including NWO and ZonMw) could contribute and strive for

Then please mark 2 March in your agenda and register for joining the HBP National outreach event in Amsterdam. The program will be posted soon on the event page.

If you believe this information is of relevance for your colleagues, group members or other persons within your reach, we would very much appreciate your help in distributing this message and poster.

Thank you very much, kind regards

Cyriel Pennartz (HBP Subproject leader, UvA), Rob Heinsbroek (NWO)

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