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As you may have heard during the introduction period, Congo is the study association for all (neuro)biology and biomedical students. Congo was brought to life to bring together biology students outside of the school banks. To do that, we organize a lot of activities, study related and non-study related. A quick summary of activities we have had in the past: a congress, a career day, lectures, drinks, parties and a lot more. Congo also has its own association room (called the “Congokamer”)  in the FNWI building, where students gather during the day for a game, a drink, or both. Would you like to attend or even organize our activities while meeting a lot of your peers? Join Congo!


For master students a Congo membership costs only €10,-. A membership can be bought here.

We hope to see you soon at one of our activities or have a drink with you in the Congokamer!

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Biological sciences, Life sciences, Biomedical sciences