Internships (master/PhD)

Internship on the development of word recognition and dyslexia

Dysfluent visual word recognition is widely acknowledged as a core characteristic of developmental dyslexia. As a consequence, dyslexic children experience severe impairments in achieving age-appropriate levels of reading. During this internship the student will take part in an ERP study that aims to provide further insight in the nature of the word recognition difficulties of dyslexic children. One question that will be addressed concerns the formation of connective bonds between letters and speech sounds. Previous research suggests that dyslexic readers experience abnormalities in the timing of orthographic (visual) and phonological (auditory) information, and show delays in coupling individual letters to their accompanying speech sounds. In the current study we aim to investigate the time courses of orthographic and phonological processes during reading at the word level, since this is the reading level at which dyslexic children experience the most severe difficulties in daily life. To this end we study the N300.

This ERP component is considered an electrophysiological correlate of the integration of orthography and phonology or of the phonological access of orthographic stimuli

The second question focusses on error monitoring in children with dyslexia. Since dyslexia is assumed to be associated with impaired word representations in memory, it has been argued that dyslexics may be less efficient in noticing, and learning from, reading errors. The ERN, an ERP component that is often considered a manifestation of an error detection mechanism, has indeed been found to be diminished in dyslexic adults. In the current study we aim to investigate the development of the error-detection system in dyslexics, by investigating the ERN in children with dyslexia.

During the internship the student will gain hands on experience with ERP data acquisition on children with and without dyslexia.

Contact: Maaike Zeguers, m.h.t.zeguers@uva.nl of Patrick Snellings: p.snellings@uva.nl

Internship Roberto Zoncu at the Uniersity of California at Berkeley

The group of Roberto Zoncu at the University of California at Berkeley, United States, is seeking highly motivated and talented students who would like to conduct research for their Master or Ph.D. thesis in our  lab. We use mammalian cells and in vitro biochemical assays to study how cells sense the levels of internal and external nutrients, and link them to the regulation of growth, the process of mass accumulation that enables cell division. We are particularly interested in how an organelle, the lysosome, regulates the activity of the master growth regulatory kinase, mechanistic Target of Rapamycin Complex 1 (mTORC1). mTORC1 is a sensor for cellular levels of amino acids and energy that is dysregulated in cancer, and may be implicated in  the pathogenesis of diabetes, aging and neurodegenerative diseases. Our goals are (i) to understand how the internal environment of the lysosome generates signals that recruits mTORC1 to the lysosomal surface, where this kinase becomes activated and (ii) how, once at the lysosome, mTORC1 regulates major biosynthetic and catabolic pathways that lead to cell growth. We tackle these problems with advanced live cell microscopy, biochemical assays for organelle function, high  throughput proteomics and metabolite profiling.

We look for the following qualifications:
– Creativity and passion for science
– Problem solving and perseverance
– The ability to work in a team setting
– Strong oral and written communication skills
– Previous experience in molecular biology, cell biology and/or protein biochemistry is desirable, but not essential

The University of California at Berkeley is a top research institution in the Biosciences. The Molecular and Cell Biology Department includes world experts in protein structural biology, single molecule biophysics, membrane traffic and signal transduction, genetics and development, among others. The laboratory is housed in state-of-the-art Li Ka Shing Center for Biomedical and Health Sciences, and neighbors with other research groups that share an interest in fundamental mechanisms of cellular homeostasis and their role in cancer biology and stem cell biology. Its diverse, stimulating and supportive environment offers numerous opportunities for personal and scientific growth. 
A detailed description of research interests and goals can be found here: http://mcb.berkeley.edu/index.php?option=com_mcbfaculty&name=zoncur

Website: www.robertozonculab.org

Applications consisting of a cover letter explaining your interest in the position, CV and names of at least 2 references who are familiar with the applicant’s work should be sent to: rzoncu@berkeley.edu

Internship Enza Zaden

Intern Seed Production Research (Fulltime, at master level)

What are you going to do?

Bees have preferences when it comes to onion flowers. Some types of onion attract more bees than others. Are you going to find out what makes onion flowers attractive to bees? As an intern at the Seed Production Research department you study how flower morphology affects bee visitations. You will be involved in all aspects of the research and you will work in the field, the laboratory and the office. Under guidance of your Enza Zaden supervisor you first carry out a literature search, design, planning and execution of both field and lab experiments. Finally, you perform statistical analysis on the results and condensate your findings in a report which will contribute to the major research project on onion producibility. Part of the study will take place at our research station in Australia. The internship will be from September 2015 through February 2016, and you will spend at least the onion flowering season of October and November in Australia.

Your power

You are in the final year of your Master’s study Agri- or Horticulture. You have experience with plant and/or insect biology and you have basic statistical knowledge. This internship requires resilience and affinity with agriculture and honey bees. Furthermore, you have a good capacity to manage projects and to work independently. You have a hands-on mentality, a flexible and pragmatic attitude and you’re willing to work in the field. It is essential to have a driving licence and that you are able to work in high temperatures.

Our power

We are an independent vegetable seed company, breeding, producing and marketing our varieties all over the world. There’s a good chance that you’ll find our tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, lettuce or other vegetables on your plate, no matter where you are. As an employee of Enza Zaden, you’ll have more than 1500 colleagues of 40 nationalities worldwide. Strong team players with an entrepreneurial spirit who easily take responsibilities is exactly what we like to see in our employees here at Enza Zaden. Are you going to join us? We offer you a positive working environment and ample opportunities for personal development.


Please send your application and CV, along with a covering letter, to the HR department via www.enzazaden.com/vacancies. For more information about our company and the vacancy, visit our website. Or contact Jeroen Schouten, jr. HR-advisor,phone +31 (0)228 350 100.

Internship program at the Blue World Institute, Croatia

Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation is a non – profit organization dedicated to research and conservation of large marine vertebrates (mostly Cetaceans, sea turtles and cartilaginous fish). The Adriatic Dolphin Project is the main scientific project with the aim to research population ecology, genetics, acoustics and habitats of bottlenose dolphins and other Cetacean species of the Adriatic sea. The field-base is placed on the Island Lošinj in the northern part of the Adriatic. The coastline of Lošinj is extremely diverse; it consists of many large and small bays and underwater caves. The field-base is located in the old village of Veli Lošinj (3 km distant from Mali Lošinj – the biggest island town in Croatia) on the sheltered east coast of the island.

Internship progragm is for all students of biology, conservation, veterinary and other related courses. Interns will participate in all activities, including collecting and analyzing data, working in the Lošinj Marine Educational Center, giving and participating in lectures etc. Accommodation will be organized in the research base in Veli Lošinj, together with other researchers, students and volunteers of the Blue World Institute with whom interns will share regular daily duties like cooking and/or housekeeping.

For more information please check our web page http://www.blue-world.org/en/get-involved/internship/ or contact us on info@blue-world.org