IBED Seminar 25/02/2016 16-17 uur C1.110

Wat: IBED Seminar
Wanneer: 25 februari van 16 tot 17 uur
Waar: C1.110

Disentangling the multi-scale eco-hydrological feedbacks that drive dryland functioning and dynamic


Dr. Susana Bautista, Department of Ecology, University of Alicante, Spain


The biotic and spatial structures of dryland vegetation are tightly coupled to dryland functioning, dynamics, and stability. These structure-function relationships are critically influenced by eco-hydrological interactions and feedbacks that operate over as well as across different spatial and temporal scales. Both positive and negative feedbacks between plant spatial pattern, resource redistribution, and productivity, combined with the effect and response of plant functional traits and diversity, create a fascinating, complex network of interactions that underlies dryland function and resilience, and drives nonlinear dynamics. A growing family of community-scale manipulative experiments is contributing to efforts to disentangle the multiple feedbacks and interactions involved and incorporate them into a new generation of dryland models. Overall, these experiments show that the resilience and restoration potential of dryland ecosystems are largely controlled by the combined effect of their spatial and biotic structures, which in turn result from the interplay between pattern-dependent resource redistribution and trait-dependent plant responses.